What's Lathe Machine?

31 décembre 2020

What's Lathe Machine?

By: AlNoor Machinery




The carriage is found in between the headstock and tailstock. It carries apron, saddle, compound rest, cross slide and tool article. It is present on the left hand of the lathe. It holds the gear train, main spindle, chuck, equipment speed control levers, and nourish controllers. It's aligned using the tailstock. The headstock consists of cast iron. A lathe is a machine tool that's used to rotate a workpiece to execute various operations like turning, facing, knurling, grooving etc., with the help of resources which are placed on the workpiece. (Id ) Tool Post: It is used to hold the tool. It's T-slot for holding the application. The instrument post is bolted on the carriage. The various main Components of lathe machine are Hand Wheel

(ii) Main Spindle

6. Feed Rod

(iii) Feed Selector

Chip Pan

(Id ) Chuck

Guideways are present on the mattress. As its name suggests it's used to guide the tailstock and carriage. The tailstock and carriage slide over the guideways. It's an inverted V. Tailstock It is that part of this lathe machine which is used to hold the workpiece. It is connected to the main spindle of the headstock. It works with the spindle and rotates the workpiece. In the lathe machine, we generally utilize three-jaw or four-jaw check. The 3 jaw of the 3 jaw chuck was designed to move simultaneously but the jaws of the four jaw chuck moves independently. Processor pan is used to accumulate the chips that are produced during the lathe operation. It is present at the bottom of the lathe.

1. Headstock


It is present at the right-hand side of the lathe. It's used to provide supports to the workpiece. It supports the workpiece out of 1 end i.e. right end. This part of the lathe machine is utilized to hold cylindrical work piece within it. It is a hollow shaft on which the chuck is mounted. The function of a lathe is to remove metal from a part of work to provide it a desirable shape and size. In a lathe machine, the workpiece rotates from the tool. The tool can be used to remove material from the workpiece. The direction of the movement of the tool is called a feed. It is the wheel that's operated by hand to move the cross slide, carriage, tailstock and other parts which have handwheel.

3. Bed

It is used to select the direction of the feed i.e. if we would like to move the instrument from left to right or right to left. Feed selector is present on the headstock. Carriage It is utilized to move the carriage from left to right and vice versa. (ii) Compound Rest: It is used to place the tool in a desired angle for taper turning and other operations.

(iii) Cross Slide: The cross slide can be utilized to maneuver the device perpendicular to the axis of the lathe.

(iv) Saddle: The upper portion of the carriage is known as the saddle. Cross slide is mounted onto the saddle.

(v) Apron: The leading portion of the carriage is called apron. It comprises all of the control and moving mechanism of the carriage.

5. Lead Screw

The guide screw is used to move the knob during threading. It's the principal part of the lathe. Each of the parts of the lathe are bolted on the bed. It includes of headstock, tailstock, carriage guideways along with other parts. It's made of cast iron.


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